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Hats for photo-shoots | Conditions

Our conditions for lending hats for photo shoots are the following:

1 - Hats are sent to you at your cost or need to be picked-up by yourself or your representative or your courier from our studios*
( magazines usually provide us with their FedEx, DHL, etc. account number )
2 - Hats are sent back to our studios at your cost, or brought back to our studios by yourself or your representative or your courier.
When hat boxes have been supplied, please return hats in original boxes.
3 - Hats and hat boxes remain the property of Prudence Millinery at all times.
4 - Hats and hat boxes become your responsibility when in your possession and you get charged if damaged or lost.
5 - Please let us know if the hats are used and in which magazines and issues.
6 - Prudence Millinery get credited in your magazines as "Prudence Millinery",
with our website address as contact :
7 - We would appreciate it if you sent us a copy of your magazine (paper copy or PDF) featuring our hats

If you agree to the above conditions and request some of our hats,
please check our look-books and contact our Press Office with pictures or reference numbers of the hats requested.
We will check their availability.

Please direct all inquiries to Sam Spiegel at:
or fill our contact form

Our studios address:
Prudence Millinery
Studio W2 - Cockpit Arts
Cockpit Yard
Northington Street
London WC1N 2NP

How to get there:
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